7 Guardians of the Tomb (2018)

Quality: Year: Duration: 90 Min
101 votes, average 5.1 out of 10

This film tells the story in modern times when a pharmaceutical company is experiencing financial problems. In order to avoid bankruptcy, Mason (Kelsey Grammer) must innovate with his products. Mason then sent a team to an arid desert to find a plant that could be used as medicine.

In another story, Jia (Bingbing Li) is an animal expert who has to deal with the stubborn attitude of his younger brother Luke (Chun Wu). Until finally, Jia got the news that his sister was missing in an expedition in a remote place.

Jia, who did not want to lose his brother, found out about his whereabouts by meeting Mason. Arriving in a desert, Mason and Jia are accompanied by Jack (Kellan Lutz), Lisa (Yasmin Kassim) for different purposes.

However, all must be trapped in an ancient mystery of Chinese culture in the past. Time and time again Jia and her new friends had to deal with poisonous wild animals. In addition to dealing with species, Jia also has to deal with the mystery of the underground palace of a kingdom. Then, did Jia manage to find her sister?

What about Mason’s fate? Can he save the company and its envoys?

Tagline:Unearth the legend. Unleash the curse.
Language:English, 普通话

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