The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang (2019)

Genre: Action, Fantasy
Quality: Year: Duration: 108 Min
10 votes, average 4.9 out of 10

This film tells the story of a legendary devil hunter (Jackie Chan) who seeks to help humans from the attacks of monsters and evil demons. In carrying out its mission, the demon hunter is assisted by a police detective named Fei (Austin Lin). They are also assisted by cute monsters and Rama who seem to vary. Various cases of monsters and demons they handle. They also handled the case of the disappearance of the girls from the village.

A love story with the devil

In this film, Jackie Chan is told not only to be good at fighting but also to be good at making calligraphy. Using his calligraphy abilities, Jackie Chan hunts ghosts and monsters.

In the middle of their journey to crush ghosts and monsters, they meet with Ning Cai Cheng (Ethan Juan). But Ning Cai Cheng apparently had a love story with a pretty devil female demon Nie Xiaoqian (Elane Zhong). This film is packaged in a way that is fun and easily accepted. There will be many actions that invite laughter in every scene.

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