Aku Tahu Kapan Kamu Mati (2020)

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Aku Tahu Kapan Kamu Mati (2020)/I know when you are going to die is an Indonesian horror film directed by Hadrah Daeng Ratu. Aku Tahu Kapan Kamu Mati premiered in theaters on March 5, 2020.

The film script Aku Tahu Kapan Kamu Mati was written by Aviv Elham based on a novel by Arumi E. Oswin Bonifanz’s producer, Yoen K, produced this film under the auspices of Unlimited Production.

The film stars a series of young artists such as Natasha Wilona, Ria Ricis, Al Ghazali, Fitria Rasyidi, and Sonia Alexa.

Synopsis Aku Tahu Kapan Kamu Mati

Aku Tahu Kapan Kamu Matid tells about Siena (Natasha Wilona) who gained supernatural powers after experiencing suspended animation. Siena can then see the magical creature and know the signs that the people around it will die.

After suspended animation, Siena can see signs that people will die. Siena is scared and wants to get out of this terrible situation. Flo, Neni and Vina Siena friends do not believe in the ability that suddenly arrived at Siena.

But Siena continues to convince with his eyesight. Moreover, one by one the people around him died after Siena saw the sign with the appearance of a spirit that picked up the person. Until finally the omen appeared near Brama, the upperclassman he loved. Siena tried to thwart the death of Brama who will pick him up.

It turns out that not only Brama, Siena also saw signs that people closest to him will die. Siena tried to thwart death. Until the sign of death itself came threatening him.

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