Anak Garuda (2020)

Quality: Year: Duration: 129 Min
67 votes, average 5.8 out of 10

Anak Garuda 2020 is the latest film made by Faozan Rizal and scriptwriter Alim Studio. This film is the first work of the production house Butterfly Pictures, done directly by alumni and students of the Good Morning Indonesia School (SPI).

This film revolves around Julianto Eka Putra or Koh Jul (Kiki Narendra) who invited seven children with different backgrounds, consisting of Sheren (Rania Putri Sari), Olfa (Clairine Clay), Wayan (Geraldy Kreckhoff), Dilla (Rebecca Klopper), Sayida (Tissa Biani), Yohana (Violla Georgia), and Robet (Ajil Ditto) became a team that helped manage school operations and business units. These differences in religion, race and ethnicity often make them misunderstand.

The film inspired by the true story of seven graduates of the Good Morning Indonesia School (SPI) from diverse backgrounds to pursue dreams in Europe. Indonesian Good Morning School (SPI) itself is a school that is explicitly intended for orphans for free. Therefore, this skit is full of diversity values ​​and hard work to reach their expectations.

Sinopsis Anak Garuda

Quarrels and turmoil accompany their friendship. Differences in understanding to envy that ignite jealousy are present among team members. The storyline gets more complicated when there is a secret love between them. This is the risk of causing division in the team formed by Koh Jul.

They learn how to overcome ethnic, racial, and religious differences, and overcome the emotional wounds and bitterness of life they have experienced, and become controllers for themselves and all problems such as inferiority, anger, hatred, jealousy, and so on.

Overseas, their relationship is getting hotter, quarrels and commotion occur. So when Rocky (Krisjiana Baharudin) arrived, which made the problem of their friendship even more complicated. The conflict in Indonesia is getting bigger without Koh Jul’s supervision. The selfish sides of each child begin to come out. After their friendship is precarious, these children rebuild the foundation of their relationship.

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