A Quiet Place Part II

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Hollywood film A Quiet Place Part II will certainly decorate the cinema screen in 2020. Through the teaser trailer released by Paramount Pictures on December 18, 2019, Emily Blunt will again play the character of Evelyn Abbott.

In the 30-second video, Abbott’s family without his father, Lee Abbott (John Krasinski), appears, who sneaks around the forest. His children, Regan and Marcus (played by Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe), who followed their mother Evelyn (Emily Blunt), did not reveal much about the continuation of “A Quiet Place” which was released in 2018.

However, the family looked very careful as they explore the forest with the map they carry. A Quiet Place Part IIThis was again directed by John Krasinski who also directed A Quiet Place first. The first film A Quiet Place was quite successful in the domestic and world markets, with more than 300 million US dollars at the global box office from a production budget of 20 million US dollars.

This silent horror film was nominated for the 2019 Academy Award in the Best Sound Editing category and at the Golden Globe for Original Score.


The first film A Quiet Place tells the story of the post-apocalyptic era, a family living in rural New York. They must live life with silence because of being hunted by super-fast aliens.

Therefore, to be able to survive a family must have no sound at all. If anyone makes a sound, they will die. Krasinski and Blunt acted as parents to two small children: a frightened boy and a rebellious teenage girl who was constantly frustrated. The frustration of the girl could be because he had never been allowed to scream or be noisy in his life. This family must refrain from voicing, whispering and saying words to each other throughout the entire film.

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