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The Dude In Me (2019)

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The film with a fantasy comedy genre tells the story of a high school student who often experiences bullying cases named Kim Dong Hyun (Jin Young) and gangster leader Jang Pan Soo (Park Sung Woong) who accidentally had to exchange bodies.

Dong Hyun, who was a victim of bullying, one day fell from the roof of his school building, and accidentally happened to Pan Soo who was under him. After regaining consciousness, Pan Soo wakes up in the hospital by being in the body of Dong Hyun High School’s child.

Whereas Pan Soo’s own body hasn’t regained consciousness, and Dong Hyun’s soul hasn’t returned yet. Pan Soo was forced to go to school and try to find the reason why Dong Hyun had to fall from the roof of his school. He also had to deal with school friends who had bullied him and turned against them.

The story is even more interesting when Pan Soo has to meet again with his first love Oh Mi Sun (Ra Mi Ran), who is the mother of his classmate Oh Hyun Jung (Lee Soo Min). The film was directed by Kang Hyo Jin, who also directed several other films such as The Backstreet Noir (2018), The Rule of Violence (2016), and Wonderful Nightmare (2015).

Besides Jin Young, Park Sung Woo and Ra Mi Ran, this film also stars Min Ji A, Kwon Hyuk Bum, Choi Hyun Young, Lee Poong Woon, and many more. The Dude in Mehas aired in Korea on January 9, 2019, and as of February 3, 2019, has reached more than 1.9 million viewers, as reported by HanCinema.

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Tagline:A body swap that changed everything
Duration: 122 Min