Tolkien (2019)

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Tolkien (2019) ~ Who does not know the film Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit? A famous fantasy film trilogy based on novels by JRR Tolkien. However, the film TOLKIEN is not discussing the film or the novel Lord of the Rings itself. But, the writer of the trilogy who was also successful with The Hobbit series, JRR Tolkien.

The film TOLKIEN tells the life of JRR Tolkien, an orphan writer and how he found love, friendship, and inspiration in creating his works among fellow writers and artists when he was in school. The film, starring Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins is scheduled to appear on May 10 in the US.

He underwent compulsory military service which led to the fierce World War I which inspired the birth of the stories in his novel. In this film Tolkien will also begin to discover his inspiration, giving birth to one of his phenomenal works, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, usually referred to as Middle Earth novels.

Tolkien’s life

The film TOLKIEN takes the setting of a story in the early 20th century that tells about the life of JRR Tolkien’s youth. From childhood, he was already fond of the world of language especially writing stories. That would later lead him to become a great writer.
Not only got there, in World War I, but Tolkien had also joined the military and plunged into a battlefield that almost threatened his friendship. The events that he experiences will later become inspirations which he will later pour into his work.

Lily Collins become Tolkien Wife

This film also tells about how Tolkien found his idol who would later become his wife, Edith Brett. In this film, the character Edit Brett will be played by actress Lily Collins. What really inspired Tolkien in writing his works? Is the idol’s heart, Edith Brett being one of them?