Abyss (K-drama) 2019

Year: Duration: 60 Min
9 votes, average 8.0 out of 10

Korean dramas Abyss starts airing May 6, 2019. Abyss was directed by Yoo Je Won. While the screenplay was written by Moon Soo Yun.

Abyss airs on the South Korean tv station tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 South Korean time. Abyss is also Park Bo Young‘s newest drama. This drama is a fantasy, romantic, comedy genre.

Synopsis Abyss

Abyss tells the story of two murder victims, a beautiful prosecutor, and a rich heir. They returned from the dead with very different bodies. Both of them rose to settle their murder case. Ko Se Yeon is a beautiful and smart prosecutor. He had an accident and died.

Because of the mysterious Abyss bead, Ko Se Yeon was revived but now her appearance is different. The mysterious Abyss bead resurrects the dead but their appearance must change. Their appearance depends on how good they are.

Meanwhile, Cha Min is the successor of the cosmetics company. He is intelligent, humble, and kind but not attractive. An accident killed him and he came back alive because of the Abyss manic. Now Cha Min is a handsome person.

Ko Se Yeon started working as a lawyer at a law firm. Cha Min started working for Ko Se Yeon at the law firm.

Last Air Date:25 Jun 2019
Number Of Episode:16

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