Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (tv series) 2019

Year: Duration: 24 Min
35 votes, average 6.4 out of 10

The Devil Slaying Corps┬áis a company that has existed since ancient times, devoted to protecting humankind from Demons. There are thousands of Satanic force Slayers within the organization, yet they aren’t formally recognized by the federal government.

In order to come to be a Satanic force Slayer, a private need to be capable of passing the Last Option, a test used as an entry test to join the Demon Slaying Corps. Throughout this choice, a group of seven needs to make it through on a mountainside plagued with Satanic forces with no aid from the outside world.

Pupils who pass the Final Option have immediately approved the rank of Mizuno to, and have to completely a selection of missions to eventually get to the ranking of Kinoe.

Upon completing the Final Choice, Demon Slayers are released the basic attire, which is very durable and also light-weight and can not be conveniently damaged by minor Devils. They are provided a Nichirin Blade, which is made to remove demons efficiently. Killers are additionally appointed a Kasugai crow for communication objectives.




Last Air Date:14 Sep 2019
Number Of Episode:26

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