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My Holo Love (K-drama) 2020

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Starring Yoon Hyun Min and Ko Sung-Hee, this new series will carry a romantic story that touches the hearts of viewers.

With romance-fantasy genre, MY HOLO LOVE‘s story will reveal what the love life of Han Seo Yeon has with facial blindness, where she cannot distinguish the faces of others. He then became a beta test for a hologram (Holo), which was always by his side and helped him a lot.

My Holo Love which aired on Netflix starting today, Friday (2/7/2020), presents unique characters.

Synopsis My Holo Love

Nando is a genius programmer, and Hollo is a sophisticated holographic AI that has consciousness. Nando is the figure behind the birth of Holo. Hollo’s face was made precisely with its creator. But unlike Holo, who has a warm personality, this genius Nando has a cool character.

Holo is the latest AI technology that has not been officially released yet. He has awareness, can even serve conversations with humans smoothly and looks very human. Holo can be accessed using special glasses, which at first glance look like ordinary reading glasses.

It’s just that there was a figure who wanted to seize these glasses. For the sake of saving these glasses, the owner of the Hollo-making company was forced to slip these objects into people who passed him. He is Soyeon.

Soyeon, who finally tried these glasses, finally met with Holo and knew each other. On the other hand, Nando was certainly not willing to let go of his invention technology just like that. He then tracked the whereabouts of the special glasses and met with Soyeon.

Seeing Soyeon’s interaction with Holo, Nando became curious about the development of AI in the future. He then moved to the rented Soyeon. The complicated love story between these three characters begins.

Since the first episode, My Holo Love has ensured that the audience will be treated to a balanced portion of drama and humour. Although raising the topic of technology, this drama does not feature too serious discussion, both technical issues and the social and psychological impact of the existence of AI sentient, aka having reason and awareness.

My Holo Love presents this topic in the style of most Korean dramas, namely about social matters and of course, romantic. Light, but still contains show to squeeze the hearts of the audience.

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Duration: 50 Min
Last Air Date:7 Feb 2020
Number Of Episode:12