No Guns Life (2019)

Year: Duration: 24 Min

HMV’s retail site has revealed through the cover of Ultra Jump magazine that Tasuku Karasuma’s sci-fi manga titled “No Guns Life” will get an anime adaptation.

Production staff that has revealed are

Director: Naoyuki Itou
Series composition: Yukie Sugawara
Character Design: Masanori Shino
Studio: Madhouse

No Guns Life tells about a world where some populations modify their bodies with new technology. These modern humans have the name “Extends.” Inui Juuzou is an independent agent hired to take care of various cases involving Extends. He was ahead in the form of a revolver that can only be fired by others who have his permission, and he cannot remember life before having his revolver’s head. The story begins when he is involved with a case that makes him in the middle of a government and corporate conspiracy.

Karasuma launched this manga in August 2014 after first publishing his story as a one-shot. Shueisha released the eighth volume on March 19, 2019. Karusuma also drew manga adaptations from the novel Shangri-La and Reideen. This series often compared to Dorohedoro; it’s just that this series is relatively more comfortable with making an anime.

Last Air Date:1 Jan 1970
Number Of Episode:9

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