A Hidden Life 2019

Quality: Year: Duration: 173 Min
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This film tells the story of a man’s refusal to join the Nazi army during World War II. The film, which was inspired by a real event, was played by August Diehl, Valerie Pachner, Maria Simon, Tobias Moretti, and Bruno Ganz.

Synopsis A Hidden Life 2019

Franz and Franziska remember the first time they met. Franz drives a motorcycle, while Franziska wears her best dress. They looked at each other and both knew that they loved each other. After they got married, they were blessed with funny children. They often play together, chase and eat together. The joy that they had never imagined would be wiped out since the start of World War II. Austrians, especially men, were forced to fight with the Nazis under Hitler’s leadership.

Franz did not escape being forced to fight, along with other men in the area. “What happened to our country? Killing innocent people and preying on the weak. ” Feeling that what the Nazis had done under Hitler’s leadership was incorrect, Franz refused to join the war.

Unfortunately, the impact of this rejection has a long tail. “You can’t say no to your race and people,” one of the people told Franz. “Or you are a traitor.” Franz was later arrested and tortured by Nazi soldiers. At present, he holds fast to faith and uses his love for family to stay afloat.

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