#Alive (2020)

Quality: Year: Duration: 98 Min
6 votes, average 6.8 out of 10

The survival-thriller genre is starring actress Park Shin Hye and actor Yoo Ah In. Park Shin Hye re-debuted the film. This time in the #ALIVE film. This film is about a ‘survival thriller’ about a mysterious outbreak that suddenly spreads throughout Seoul and quickly develops out of control.

Synopsis Movie #ALIVE (2020)

The ALIVE film tells about the zombie invasion that suddenly attacked the city of Seoul, where the two main characters must survive. A zombie virus spreads very fast and is difficult to control.

The situation becomes more critical when communication access such as signal and internet is lost. Joon Woo (Yoo Ah In) and Yoo Bin (Park Shin Hye) are two isolated people in the middle of a dangerous city.