0.0 Mhz (2019)

Genre: Horror
Quality: Year: Duration: 102 Min
2 votes, average 2.5 out of 10

The story was adapted from Jang Jak’s webtoon. The screenplay was written by Yoo Sun Dong. 0.0 MHz is produced by Oh Je Hun. The film stars Lee Sung Yeol (Sungyeol Infinite) and Jung Eun Ji.

This is a supernatural horror film that tells the story of just paranormal members who want to find the existence of demons by proving the theory of 0.0 MHz. For information, 0.0 MHz refers to the frequency of human brain waves needed to communicate with spirits and other worlds.

Synopsis of Film 0.0 MHz

Five people joined the ghost hunter group. They are So Hee, Sang Yeon, Yoon Jung, Han Seok, and Tae Soo. Soo He is a quiet girl. He has the advantage of being able to see spirits. So Hee always has a flat expression.

The five of them then came to the haunted house and began to notice the differences in each character, some were timid, wise, knowledgeable, and brave. They call ghosts using a 0.0 MHz frequency and try to hear a statement.

The ghost is known as a creature that is very strong and incomparable. Did all five meet with a ghost? Watch on your favorite movie theatre.